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Our Systems

We have many solutions from sorting to monorail systems all built to suit your buisness requirements

Linen sorting

Most laundries need to pre-sort soiled items prior to washing to achieve best washing performance and simplify post-wash handling and processing.

This can be a labour-intensive process.

We have several solutions, from simple sorting into roll cages through to various dynamic sorting systems and automatic loading of monorail bag systems.

Contact us to see what bespoke solutions we can suggest for your individual needs...

Monorail systems

The AutoMotion system manufactured and supplied by Innova is a third generation system based on practical experience of all previous designs. It represents the best design practice for cost-effectiveness, ease of use, longevity and trouble-free operation.

All our systems incorporate PLC based control systems designed to give reliability and ease of operation, and maximise efficiency for each system, whatever your application. There is no one solution, our installations are customised to every site.

All our systems are based upon our unique design of extruded aluminium rail, which is anodised to increase resistance to wear. For areas subject to high potential wear we can incorporate a specially designed removable stainless steel rail section, to dramatically increase the life of the rail. An equally significant part of the system is our trolley, incorporating nylon self-guiding wheels that both minimise rail wear and are free-running.